Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Savvy Rest Review

I love reading a company's mission statement, I think it speaks volumes about what kind of brand you are working with. 

The Savvy Rest Mission Statement:

"Our commitment to you: (1) Purity: our materials are natural, nontoxic, certified and independently tested. (2) Comfort: every Savvy Rest organic mattress is customized for the individual. (3) Integrity: we treat customers with honesty and respect. (4) Value: a Savvy Rest will long outlast a conventional mattress"

I think their mission statement is a great led into my Savvy Rest Review

I was able to review their Shredded Latex Pillow

When I received the pillow, I was so excited that I couldn't wait to get it out of the box. I was shocked too, that the pillow had some heaviness to it, something I'm not accustomed to. But once my head hit the pillow, I was surprised to find that it was soft and so comfortable. I could also tell that it was nicely made. I've found that when I wake up in the morning, that sore spot in my neck isn't hurting or stiff. And let's all admit, it's hard enough getting out of bed as it is, let alone with a hurting or stiff neck! This pillow has really helped and I would recommend it to anyone with allergies or in need of neck support. 

The only thing I would warn is that because it is made with shredded latex, I would say it smells a little bit like balloons at first. I just took of the soft pillow cover though and threw that in the washer. It seemed to take care of that problem for me. 

Not only does Savvy rest have pillows, but they have other things too! 

Be sure to also check out their natural latex mattress, their organic toppers, and bedding!

*Special thanks to Savvy Rest for sending me a pillow to review. This review is solely based on my personal opinion. 

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