Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Turkish Towel Company Inc. Review

"Deep in the mountains of Southern Turkey there is a small village nestled under snow capped peaks. In this mountain hamlet called Babadag, lived and worked many of the master weavers of Turkish carpets. Legend has it that sometime during the 15th Century, one of these craftsmen decided to try weaving towels in the same manner that he wove rugs. Previous to this, all towels in the world were flat woven and had no loops. This weaver thought that the same loops that were used in carpet weaving would make a better towel and in fact the addition of loops to the towel did make it absorb water much faster. And thus the Turkish towel was born and became the world’s standard.
As the towel weaving business in Turkey grew and became world famous, these descendants of the village of Babadag became the best quality towel producers in the world. The Turkish Towel Company is owned by these descendants."

I was lucky enough be able to review some of the amazing make up towels.

On The Turkish Towel Company Inc, you can read about how each towel is inspected at least three times; after weaving, dyeing, and stitching.

When I first saw the makeup towels, I was so impressed with how "clean" and modern they looked. They were so stylish! When I used the towel to take off my makeup from the day, the towel was so soft and comfortable.

These makeup towels are so unique and modern. They look perfect in any bathroom and make me feel like I'm visiting a spa, right in my own house! Which speaking of spas, they have amazing kimonos.

I would recommend these towels to anyone and everyone! There's even a complete bath set that would be perfect for a house warming gift.

*Special thanks to The Turkish Towel Company Inc. for giving me (3) three makeup towels to review. This review is solely based on my opinion.

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