Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

"Tomorrow is Fresh, With No Mistakes."
I love having a quiet time in the morning to reflect back on the day before and see how I can make today better. I've always been a "high stress" person. I find myself constantly worrying about things that really have no importance at the end of the day. When I'm stressing out about something, I like being able to take that deep breath and know that the day will go on. 

Now, when I have my quiet time in the morning, I use my Aurorae Yoga Mat and do a few basic yoga poses. I'm still just beginning practicing yoga, but this Aurorae Yoga Mat has made it so enjoyable, comfortable, and even stylish

I LOVE how there are so many different colors to choose from when you pick out an Aurorae Yoga Mat.

Infinity- Strength, Sophistication,  professionalism, and the potential endlessness of possibilities.
Hope- Intuitive, Faithful, visionary, power of positive thought, energetic and healing.
Seamist- soothing, renewal, intellect, nature, self control, gentle and harmonious.
Ocean- Relaxation, sedate, caring, cooling, spirit, trustworthy and attentive.
Solar- Creative, inspiring, energy, compassionate, warmth, family and stability. 
Violet- Spiritual, soothing, calming, telepathic, healing, relief and meditation.

Which color are you?

I also got to try out the Slip Free Rosin Bag. I found this little bag really helps me keep my grip for the more tricky positions. It comes in handy and I would recommend it to anyone who participates in yoga. 

"Aurorae Yoga Mats include illuminating colors, focal point icon, extra long and extra thick yoga mats as well as yoga bags, and yoga accessories.  Browse their best reviewed yoga mats, yoga bags and yoga accessories for all your yoga needs."

*Special thanks to Aurorae Yoga Mats for giving me an Infinity mat and slip free rosin bag for my review. 

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