Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ecoland Inc. Review

Do you have those days when you just wish your house was transformed into a spa and you could relax?

Well, with the help of Ecoland Inc. and their amazing spa accessories, you can!

Ecoland Inc. was nice enough to send me some of their spa accessories for me to try out.

First, I was able to try their comfortable moisturizing socks.
I wore these socks the first day they came in the mail, and after a few hours, I took them off and noticed my feet were remarkably softer! I'm actually wearing the socks now while I write this review.

The second item I was able to try was the moisturizing gloves. I put these gloves on while I was watching a movie one night, and then forgot I even had them on because they felt so natural. When the movie was over and I was getting ready for bed, I took the gloves off, and my hands felt softer as well, just like the socks had made my feet feel.

The third item I tried was the organic cotton headband. I found this headband comes in handy so much when I go to wash my hair at night and even while I am brushing my teeth. It keeps those fly away hairs out of my face and any water. The headband is so soft as well and has the perfect hold! 

The last two items I was able to try were the wash mittens.
This wash mitten has PE stripes that help remove any dead skin you have on your body. I love the way this mitten feels on my skin and how clean I feel after using it. The mitten is also soft and gets a great lather with body wash.

Ecoland Inc.  also has other great products! Be sure to check out their baby items and gift sets!

*Special thanks to Ecoland Inc. for supplying Spa Accessories for me to review. This review is solely based on my own personal opinion. 


Jennifer said...

Oh, I could so use some home-spa time! I came over from your facebook page on Surfin Saturdays! I'm a new follower here, too.

Nancy said...

I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back.