Sunday, November 7, 2010

Plentiful Pantry Coupon Code

A Little Bit About Plentiful Pantry...

"Started by Debbie & Jody (Her husband) in 1992 as a result of her ongoing passion for great food. She did the recipe development, Jody did the tasting. She had run some great restaurants and took pleasure in entertaining their friends with fabulous meals. When asked for her recipes, she would tell them about the chopped garlic, fresh herbs and different spices used. Now, they weren’t saying that their friends were lazy (we prefer to view them as “time challenged”) but they wanted an easier way. That’s when the fun began. Debbie converted all of those good fresh ingredients to dried and they were in business."

They have something for everyone!

Try out these yummy products like pumpkin cobbler and one of my favorite meals,chicken and dumplings!

The Coupon code is "WCC25" and it’s for 25% off of plentiful pantry's entire site! 
It's good until the end of November. 

These would make perfect Christmas gifts for someone crunched on time or someone that needs just a little bit more help with their cooking skills (like me). 

*Special thanks for the people at Plentiful Pantry for sending me a coupon code to share with my readers!

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