Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Castine Candle Review

"Castine Candle Company is family-owned and operated in Benton, Maine. We have invested in research (we really did hire a chemist!), product redesign, and superior ingredients to bring the highest quality candle to you and your family."

I love a good candle! There is nothing better than coming home, lighting a candle and letting the beautiful aroma fill the air. I was so excited when I learned I'd be receiving some holiday scents from Castine Candles. There is nothing I like more then making my house smell like the Christmas holiday! 

I received SIX different scents to review! 

Sugar Cookie, Mistletoe, Sleigh Ride, Balsam Fir, Winter Frost, and Winter Pomegranate!
Balsam Fir

When I lit the Sugar Cookie Candle, I couldn't believe how amazing it smelled! It had it sitting out in my kitchen when company came over and got compliments about how yummy my kitchen smelled. The rest of the candles smelled just as wonderful! I having trouble alternating candles, because I can't choose which one to light next. 

I can't even begin to list all the wonderful scents they have to offer! Not only do they have over fifteen (15) holiday scents, but they also have a Breakfast Blend Collection, Nature Collection, Maine Summer Collection, Berry Collection, Harvest Collection, Cookbook Collection, and even a Welcome to the Family Collection! 

I thought these martini glass candles were amazing as well! 
 They also have candles for your guy's "Man Cave"

And how neat is this: If you order a candle for someone and would rather have it shipped directly to them, Castine Candles can do that for you, no problem! 

Here is something else really cool happening as well!

"In that spirit, we are proud to introduce our Candle Club. Each month we will feature a seasonal scent for club members. For $27.90 per month, which includes shipping and handling, we will send your selection on the 10th of each month. We will offer three month, six month and twelve month membership options. Members will receive a 26 oz candle selection with 30% of the purchase contributed towards one of the organizations we are endorsing. In addition to the large seasonal scent of the month candle, a gift will be sent to you as thanks for making the choice to make a difference. Currently you may select to support the New England Society of New York City and their endeavor to support higher education for youth or the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Center for Hope and Healing. A great holiday gift for yourself or someone you care about-join today!"

Be sure to check them out on facebook and on twitter!

*Special thanks to Castine Candles for sending me all the amazing candles to review. I was paid in no way for this review. It is solely based on my own personal opinion. 


Angela said...

The two wick candles are wonderful! The Balsam scent can make your house smell like Christmas all winter long!

Ane said...

You won the Seventh Generation giveaway on my blog! I will email you! Congrats! I also follow your blog! Thanks!