Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sibu Beauty Review

I'm always on the hunt for products that will keep my face looking fresh and clean. When I heard about Sibu Beauty, I knew I had to try it out. 

Before I talk about what I tried about, let me tell you about one the main ingredients they use, Sea Buckthorn.

"Seabuckthorn has been thoroughly researched in over 130 modern scientific studies that have found that this berry promotes health. Seabuckthorn contains more than 190 biologically active compounds that can nourish the body's cells to protect the skin from free radicals and the natural aging process." 

I received two products to review. The amazing repair & protect facial cream and the cleanse & detox facial soap
The repair & protect facial cream is amazing! The first thing I noticed was the great smell it leaves on your face; just a hint of citrus, which is just what I need in mornings. It left my skin feeling so smooth and non-greasy like some facial creams can do. Another thing I love about this product? It's Cruelty-FREE and Paraben-FREE. Now, if you're like me, I had to go to the dictionary to remember what paraben means.
 The definition is "any ester of parahydroxybenzoic acid, some of which are used incosmetics and pharmaceuticals and have been found in breastcancer tumours".
 I'm so glad it's Paraben-FREE! 

I also received this Cleanse & Detox facial soap. Again, this product has that great citrus scent. The soap has a great lather and leaves my face feeling clean, fresh, and ready to start the day! Something else I forgot to mention is that Sibu Beauty has no dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast, or preservatives, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin! 

Be sure to check out their new products as well!

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*Special thanks to the folks over at Sibu Beauty for sending me products to review. I was paid in no way for this review. The review is solely based on my own personal opinion.

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